Thank you for being interested in a career at Lush Lavie, we can not wait to hear from you! We are a Black and Woman owned lingerie company known as Lush Lavié. Our mission is for anyone that wears any of our pieces to be able to live their fantasy. We are looking for dedicated and motivated individuals to be able to add to this mission statement and allow any person that steps into the pieces they create, to live their fantasy as well.

We would prefer for these individuals to be familiar with the brand and the brand's image, however, this is not a requirement. Individuals that have either followed the brand on any one of our social sites or have placed an order in the past. We want to create a customer to employee pipeline, the best kind. Apply to each role by emailing your resume to

We are looking for a designer to do unique, quality designs for lingerie, loungewear, robes, etc. we are looking to do 5 designs per month, so 60 designs for the entire year. The designs  will be divided up between 4 different quarters.The requirements for the designs are as follows: a bra, regular panty, and a crotchless panty.

This is simply a short description of what the job entails. Once hired, a detailed list will be shared for deeper understanding! Can’t wait to add your creativity to the team.

  • Responsibilities
    • Observing fashion trends to predict designs for consumers
    • Choosing themes for designs and collections
    • Establish creative direction for the company as well as brand guidelines
    • Perform retouching and manipulation of images
    • Work with a wide range of media and use design software
    • Researching current fashion trends and determining what consumers will like
    • Collaborating with the design team to develop ideas for new products based on research data
    • Designing sketches for new products with a design team
    • Creating clothing patterns for mass production
    • Testing and deciding on fabrics, colors, patterns and textures for each design
    • Overseeing the production of designs, including carrying out fittings, determining prices and managing marketing
    • Maintaining relationships with vendors, suppliers and models
    • Instructing manufacturers or teams of designers on how to make the piece
    • Managing the production of pieces
    • Discussing designs with managers
    • Finding new consumer markets for designs
  • Requirements
    • Competent in the use of software like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator and Microsoft Office.
    • Creativity: You must be able to generate ideas for products.
    • Be able to transform a design from an idea into a physical illustration and then, eventually, to a prototype on which the finished product will be based. 
    • A keen sense of style and color.
    • Be able to pay attention to detail
    • Be able to think creatively
    • The willingness to be flexible with regard to job responsibilities.
    • 2+ years design experience.
    • Proficient with Microsoft Excel and Adobe Illustrator.
    • Ability to do sketches by hand.
    • Excellent design and conceptual skills.
    • Excellent sense of style and color.
    • Outstanding communication skills, both written and verbal.
    • Ability to meet multiple deadlines.