Thank you for being interested in a career at Lush Lavie, we can not wait to hear from you! We are a Black and Woman owned lingerie company known as Lush Lavié. Our mission is for anyone that wears any of our pieces to be able to live their fantasy. We are looking for dedicated and motivated individuals to be able to add to this mission statement and allow any person that steps into the pieces they create, to live their fantasy as well.

We would prefer for these individuals to be familiar with the brand and the brand's image, however, this is not a requirement. Individuals that have either followed the brand on any one of our social sites or have placed an order in the past. We want to create a customer to employee pipeline, the best kind. Apply to this role by emailing your resume to

We are looking for an experienced seamstress with an eye for detail. You will work with our pattern designs to manufacture and repair clothing and other fabric pieces. You must be able to mend, alter, and construct garments and other fabric-made articles according to the company's needs. Our ideal candidate has the experience and skills to operate an industrial sewing machine and produce well-made products.

To be successful as a seamstress, you should demonstrate sound knowledge of various fabrics and sewing techniques. Ultimately, an outstanding seamstress should be able to ensure that all tasks are completed in a timely manner.


  • Responsibilities
    • Hand and machine sewing
    • Ensuring that sewing machines and other equipment are in good working order;
    • Accurately measuring customers using tape measures to ensure proper fit of garments;
    • Using irons and pressing machines to erase the creases on garments and other articles;
    • Inspect finished product with attention to detail;
    • Sew fabrics using industrial sewing machine or other stitching machines;
    • Ability to cut, and measure fabrics, and other custom goods
    • Constructing garments and other articles according to companies’ specifications and preferences;
    • Labeling garments and articles and recording the alterations required
    • All work done at location Only;
    • Packing;
    • Use of a sewing machine.
  • Requirements 
    • Effective communication skills;
    • Experienced in sewing, both hand and machine sewing;
    • The ability to work under time constraints;
    • Willingness to adapt to evolving job responsibilities and expand scope of experience as the company changes;
    • Proven sewing experience;
    • Good hand/eye coordination;
    • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment;
    • Detail oriented;
    • Ability to use sewing machines;
    • Attention to detail