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Processing Clerk

Thank you for being interested in a career at Lush Lavie, we can not wait to hear from you! We are a Black and Woman owned lingerie company known as Lush Lavié. Our mission is for anyone that wears any of our pieces to be able to live their fantasy. We are looking for dedicated and motivated individuals to be able to add to this mission statement and allow any person that steps into the pieces they create, to live their fantasy as well.

We would prefer for these individuals to be familiar with the brand and the brand's image, however, this is not a requirement. Individuals that have either followed the brand on any one of our social sites or have placed an order in the past. We want to create a customer to employee pipeline, the best kind. Apply to this role by emailing your resume to Lush@lushlavie.com

This position is exclusive to those in the DMV area only, as the company is currently based out of the DMV. We pride ourselves in our fast shipping due to the fact that we process orders daily. When the orders are processed on time and correctly, the customer is happy. This job also involves customer service responsibilities such as responding to  customer emails, as they go hand in hand. When the orders are good, the customers are good. We are looking for a team member that understands the importance of making and keeping the customer happy. If that's you, please feel free to apply or send it to someone who you think is a great fit.

  • Responsibilities
    • Resolve customer related issues.
    • Process orders daily.
    • Print customer labels daily.
    • Count inventory Bi-weekly.
    • Drop off and pickup Packages at the United States Post Office Daily.
    • Receiving orders from customers via mail, phone, or other electronic means.
    • Obtaining customers’ details and billing information, and entering the information correctly on the order form.
    • Notifying departments when supplies of items are low
    • Informing customers about prices, shipping dates, and anticipated delays.
    • Preparing invoices, shipping documents, and contracts.
    • Inspecting outgoing orders to ensure compliance with customer specifications.
    • Reviewing orders for completeness and forwarding incomplete orders for further processing.
    • Keep track of all shipments, ensuring of its delivery.
    • Recommending merchandise or services that will meet or improve upon customers’ needs.
  • Requirements 
    • At Least 1 Year of experience (preferred) in order processing, customer service or related experience.
    • Basic computing knowledge.
    • Active Learning - Understanding the implications of new information for both current and future problem-solving and decision-making.
    • A high school diploma or GED.
    • Prior work experience in a similar field is preferred.
    • Experience with word processing, spreadsheet software, and database applications.
    • Willingness to receive on-the-job training
    • An excellent rapport with customers.
    • The ability to handle customer complaints in a professional and calm manner.
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
    • Analytical thinking, and excellent attention to detail.
    • Stellar time management skills.

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